Your on-site partners in a worldwide project

40-30 services catering to manufacturing & research industries

ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY engineering and services

AMESYS automation-supervision-control/command, critical and security systems, embedded ruggedized electronics, data acquisition systems for nuclear reactors, process monitoring

BOCCARD  engineering (mechanics, hydraulic and maintenance, piping, isometrics), procurement and logisitc, prefabrication (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy metal) erection

BONITEMPO metal spinning, design and production of tools, prototypes, pre-production, models, small stamping

BONNANS SA machining and assembly of mechanical sets, surface treatment, non destructive tests, painting, chemical milling on all materials, hot forming, hydraulic assemblies

BUREAU VERITAS inspecting, verifying or certifying assets (projects, products or systems, using its own benchmark references or external standards, in order to deliver compliance reports)

CIMAT design, realization, assembly and tests of special machines for nuclear industry (machine process, glove compartments, equipment of handling, tools and dismantling)

COMEX NUCLEAIRE design, engineering and project management, supply of systems and large nuclear components, site services to nuclear plants in operation, radwaste management

D'HUART INDUSTRIE radiation shielding activity

EKIUM design, engineering and technical (electricity, control, piping and general installation)

REEL design, manufacture and services of lifting and handling equipment

ROBATEL INDUSTRIES design, manufacture and assembly of shielded laboratories for research or production, decontamination facilities, waste packaging facilities, nuclear fuel production

SDMS TECHNOLOGIES  engineering and fabrication of high quality ad complexity vessels and equipement

SETIS service in topography, geodetic and three dimensional metrology

SITES inspection, surveying, metrology, instrumentation of industrial structures (optimization of set-up, monitoring and maintenance) Engineering in durability. Risk assessment

SOM GROUPE ORTEC consulting and engineering (calculation and digital calculations, project management, planning, development of application software for planning on OPX2...)

TECHNETICS GROUP France high performance sealing solutions for the industry

VELAN valves and services (forged body gate, globe, bellow seal and check valves, low maintenance RAMA global valve, main steam isolation valve...)

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