Created in 2007 by independent French companies, bringing together more than 6000 employees and a total annual turnover of more than 700 M€. Headed by Dominique SANCHETTE, President of ROBATEL INDUSTRIES.

These companies took part in the French nuclear program as key suppliers of leading utility and engineering groups (Areva, Andra, CEA, CNRS, EDF, IRSN, Suez...) but also in worldwide nuclear programs (China, Republic of Korea, Japan...).

They are located in the south east of France near Cadarache, the ITER site.

Through Rhône Provence Nucléaire they are offering innovative services and products answering the needs of all managers and organisations in charge of nuclear facility investment projects taking place in this region (mainly ITER but also the experimental reactor RJH, the new enrichment plant of G.BESSE 2....).

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Update : 29/08/13